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Staff is amazing they work really hard to help you decide which pen to work with. And you know if you’re new you can. You could check out our starter kids. You know we’ve got the joystick AOT the joystick EO D6 16 the D 22 they K4 by a Spyer. We even have so much as. The Peko may go below. 80 watt by Alif ice stick. You know that’s a pretty good one. This run in about $65. We got one called the Tesla. A 0 70 watt sure that was pretty good especially if they named it after Elan Musk’s company. It looks like one that sold out is the GX 350 kit by smoke or smok. S.M. okay. The Predator smok the pico Terra nano nano looks pretty cool. I would probably get one of them. And you know it’s a fun thing to do with friends or family going out on the town. You know these things are accepted in most places. Some places are starting to put up signs that say no vaping just like the no smoking thing. But you know who. Who’s really going to care about it you know. Honestly be yourself. Just have fun and just don’t be a tool about it. Come on out to Baber USA and let us. Show you how. And why we are the number one vapor company in the Tulsa area. We will help you get your liquids like the nebula the true Berry sugar and knife. Sounds good. The sweet tea. I could see E-Liquid In Tulsa being good.
I could see smoke in that one or putting that in your pipe and smoke it. Peanut butter and Jesus. Oh yeah baby i want it sounds good. Make that one last for a while maybe do that for lunch or something. The sting ray Parana the dream cream that owns the Blue Marlin. Let’s see what else we got the great white. So you know we have a lot of really good companies and products on here that you’re really going to flip your lid about your and like oh my gosh I can’t believe that they have those. And you know. Oh those are just the clearance that is not even including all the ones we have in stock like the Stryver Crane the blueberry cream watermelon cotton candy. Wow these are these are splendid. I have the Betty the shocker the nuts. Wonder wonder worm. It’s interesting. We get nine pages on our website for you to go and check out this. It’s a great place to to check out like that the hometown hero Rice Krispie treats. And people are getting really creative with these different oils and the strawberry comes in a GM monster. See the lunar harvest the golden ticket Carolina meant slam Berry. Some great. Things have oil or. Whatever you call liquids you know they’re just probably just like oil. Say you. Are able to vaporize. And that’s that’s really what it is you get the fury the honey buns whipped creams circus cookies. Oh man you remember again those circus cookies growing up you get that little frosted animal crackers or sprinkles on it. They have one that’s that flavor. Oh man.
Tell you what. Would be a good one. The Qik Underwood. Alterum mad ultra magnetic fruit loop. My wife likes fruit loops she’d probably like that one as well. The mustached milk. Fella as I’m only on page three of nine so these things are going to keep going. We get the red dream. Katrina vivo Saints. Wow look at this. Luper number five blue RZA thunder bomb. It’s an interesting name. You know some of these are you know this company called Number 32 beard. You’d think that have something to do with like beard oil or something but no it’s it’s definitely vaping juice. Like the number 71 64 51. It’s all they’re all numbered. So who knows what they’re actually the flavor is there. They’re all numbers instead of names by the company.
Beard which I’m guessing is a pretty good company for vaping oils. You know you should just come out and check this out and take a look around at what we’ve got here. BEARD I guess they have them in colors too. They also have the best E-Liquid In Tulsa.
They have pink red and tan and green. And we have all those as well. So if you really want to experience where the USA is all about you just have to come and check us out. Like I’m telling you I can’t say it enough. The Bam Bam cookies and cream cannoli. Ooh man does that sound like it tastes good or they’re Bambam. Captain can only thou and also looks pretty decent maple Berry pancake E-Liquid In Tulsa.
Is something you’d want to try out if you like breakfast foods like the sweet cookie butter man people are just this is one way I guess if you’re on a diet.Man this is the way to go you get this sweet tooth. Why so cereal. It’s Cap’n Crunch. People. Come and check this out. Captain Crunch is where it’s at. Especially they kept out the berries. It’s good stuff. You’re going to be blown away by the different flavors that we’ve got here. We have a Barbie we have smokeless Symphonie Babeu smokeless Symphonie I wonder if that just doesn’t have any smoke which is interesting for a vaping pen but. Stranger has a bunch of flavors here we got Quincy Underwoods seena bond. And I’m clicking on to page 8. Now over 140 products so far. Koni cake orange dream passion punch apple butter. Wow. They are really making this a sweet game as far as sweet flavors and stuff like this strawberry popped blueberry pop. Just some good wholesome companies. Have a good white girl wasted. Oh man. You can only imagine what that would be. You know I’m telling you we’re here at the U.S.A. we have some of the best products when it comes to E-Liquid In Tulsa. We go go all over the place and search for products that will really.

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