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The government is just scared of people using hemp and marijuana and all this stuff and now they’re trying to attack the vaping and they want the big companies like camel and Marlboro to stay in business because obviously they are paying for a lot of stuff. They’re huge industries huge companies and producing so much product because people are addicted to it and because of it they are making so much money and obviously they have to. That money has to go somewhere so it pays for the employees and it pays for the CEOs and then it is they’ve got such deep pockets they pay off other companies. And so there’s a benefit of Electronic Cigarettes In Tulsa. And so the government is obviously getting a kickback from Marlboro or camel. And so the government is trying to. Trying to protect them because they want to keep that money whereas vaping company it’s trying to save lives is trying to eliminate the use of cigarettes and the harmful effects of cigarettes. And they want to switch people over from cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes In Tulsa because it’s much healthier for you.
It’s a better way to do it. And the government is just hindering it left and right. And I’m telling you it’s it would be very smart of you to do your research and find out that honestly the government is afraid and they just don’t want. People to live their life healthily. They say that they do. They say that they want to have universal health care or they say they want to have cheaper healthcare but in all honesty it’s not a thing you can’t do it. You can’t do. All this stuff while cramming cigarettes down our throats. He can do when trying to keep promoting cigarettes obviously cigarettes are everywhere in kids start young and they get addicted. but to help get off cigarettes you could use Electronic Cigarettes In Tulsa. And then there are smokers for life and for a cigarette company if someone gets addicted that’s like thousands and thousands of dollars as a customer. You know people are spending so much money every single day on cigarettes you know someone’s If someone were to get up to two packs a day that’s $10 a day and at $10 a day that’s three thousand six hundred fifty dollars a year. And then over the course of 10 years that’s $36000 and 10 years. You know you double that. That’s $72000 in the course of 20 years. Most people. They smoke for 40 50 years. And so you double that. It can be used for so many different things you can eat hemp. It’s a very good plant. But the government bans it because of all of its many uses. It’s like the peanut back in the day before. George Washington Carver came up with all the different uses for you know people banned it. It wasn’t something that you could grow. But he found all the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes In Tulsa. And now it’s one of the most widely used nuts in the world. You know peanuts. They can be used for so many different things.

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