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Do you want to find vaporetto also the best place to find that is right here at the vapor Tulsa’s specialist Baber USA dot com. It’s in the name folks. We’ve been at it for quite a while now we have two locations in Tulsa with a great staff on hand here that are very knowledgeable about all the products and services that we do offer here so if you’re wanting to learn a little more about e-cig or which one of them would be best for you and how you could kick that pesky smoking habit then please come check us out right now at the comprehensive Web site at Baber USA dot com and you can see all of those services and such that we do offer also. You’ll get a chance to see the About Us page and learn more about our mission here and what we really are striving to do. Vapor USA. And you know that is truly bringing a healthier environment to Tulsa. By saving them one pair of lungs at a time by getting them to see that vapor is a great alternative to smoking. And you don’t. You weren’t forced to smoke forever. You don’t have to you know keep smoking keep wishing that something would come along to help you quit. Well this is it. This isn’t the Nicorette pads. This isn’t some kind of gum you have to chew. It tastes like dirt.

This is a vapor machine where we have 180 different flavors to choose from to sort to suit your preference. And we have those two locations so whether you’re closer to the 1739 something more of which is over by the mall or whether you’re closer to LA fortun Park here in Tulsa by the 50 77 South Yale Avenue building you can come to either those right now today and you’ll get 65 percent off your first visit if it’s your first time in. So that’s a great way to be able to save a little extra money and find a new vapor Tulsa store. So next time you’re looking for vapor Tulsa look at the vapor Tulsa’s specialist right here. Vapor USA. We have truly been passionate about supplying a better alternative for smoking in the Tulsa area for a number of years now and will continue to do so next time you want to get vapor Tulsa come into the vapor Tulsa specialist and get a free cup of coffee or looseleaf tea at our Have a nice meal on the couch with free Wi-Fi. And check out our services and even compare them with other people. You know we’re so confident in the customer service that we offer we literally give you 65 percent off the first visit because we know they’re off the sheer customer service you receive here you’re going to come back off of that. It’s not the prices it’s the customer service we offer that saves helps people save those lives and makes them truly knowledgeable about what they’re putting in their body and how they’re using the e-cig juice.

So they are not having to rely on traditional tobacco products to suit them and can get past those pesky years that they had addicted to cigarettes smelling like an ashtray everywhere they walked around coughing and hacking and not able to you know. Be in the activities that a lot of their friends.

Are wanting to engage in such as maybe go to the park or your kids are wanting to go out with you now you can do that. Right here with vapor Tulsa by stopping smoking today and getting that vapor going. Now you can check us out. Either one of the Web site either one of the two addresses we have here with the 77 South yellow or 7:39 South memorial. Come check us out today and see why we’re saving Tulsa’s lives one pair of lungs at a time.

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