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Good afternoon and welcome to vapor USA’s podcast My name is Andrew Rubin I’m joined by Savannah Leiter. Hey guys. During these podcast we are going to talk about our products or store you know what makes us great here as well as the community that we have with inside of Tulsa.

Now we’re all going to be talking about new products we might have coming and we’re going to really focus on all the cool stuff that vapor USA has to offer. So Viber USA offers two separate locations.

There’s going to be one at seventy first memorial and then we have another at 50 first. Looking to expand. But that’s all we have right the second. As for hours we’re going to be open Monday through Thursday night 10 Friday and Saturday we’re open 10 to 11 and then Sunday is going to be 10 to 10 sort of 70 first and memorial location we have a great atmosphere.

The Momi walk through the door we’re going to give you nice big friendly hello. We have a lounge area that’s got really comfy couches on them along with a big screen TV. We also offer free popcorn and our staff is some of the friendliest in town.

So next up we have our 50 first in your location. You’re going to get creative with that same friendly staff it’s all across the board. We also have the great atmosphere there as well. And then we’re also going to offer the couches the TV so you get to have a ton of fun while you’re there. We’re also going to get a free popcorn you also get tea or coffee there and that’s going to be free as well. So we also have a fantastic Web site it was actually just redone. It’s going to be w w w dot vapor dash USA dot com. Now on that Web site we have all of our products listed. We also have really great deals on some of those products. And then we’re going to give you free shipping every time. So in case you’re not able to stop at the store definitely check out the Web site at Labor USA. The staff lives by three core values adding value to our clients. Honesty.

And respect. So we’re going to go in and we’re going to tell you what each one of those means to us. The first one is adding value to our clients. That means that we are going to listen to what you need your expectations what you’re really looking to get out of vaping. That way we don’t try to sell you what you don’t need.

And along with that we also have the honesty. Now we very much value ourselves on honesty because we don’t want to just throw something at you that’s not going to work for you. We also want to tell you both the pros and cons about anything that we’re going to sell you are going to be honest about what the juice says we’re going to be honest about everything that we talk about to you.

And then we’re also going to treat you with respect. We’re not going to downplay you if you’re looking for just a normal pen style or do you come in with a $300 setup. It’s all about smoke stop smoking cigarettes. So now we’re going to jump in and we’re going to talk a little bit about the stuff that we carry here neighbor USA. The first thing we’re to talk about is our massive selection of Jews.

Yeah we actually offer 20 different juice lines. It sounds a little overwhelming. However we offer an awesome menu we actually did it all by ourselves but it looked super cool at super high tech. It’s going to help you figure out what you like. And it’s actually going to show you. You can say select coffees if you like coffees and it’s going to show you every single juice that we carry that has a coffee flavor in it.

So yeah we’ve got a lot of different flavors. It is overwhelming at first but when you come in our staff is so knowledgeable about our juices you can even ask us hey what’s got blueberries in it. Everything is got. No I’m just getting We actually will help you figure out what the blueberry at it from the top of our head that’s how much we pride ourselves in knowing our products. So our bottle sizes we’re going to have something that caters to just about every person. So we’ve got everything from as low as a 30 minute bottle all the way up to big old 120 mil bottles.

We’ve really got some great in-betweens too. So like hundred miles we’ve got some 60 miles. So pretty much whatever you’re looking for we’re going to have it in stock. Along with that. We have great prices on our bottles. We’ve actually lowered the prices a little bit recently. And. Just to kind of help you guys out even more. So we’re going to have our prices anywhere between like 15 to $58 just depending on the size depending on the juice line. So really great prices all over the board there. Tell

me we’ve got to sell the car of course we have sold to come on you want to sell to Carmel molts. We’ve got that too. I do love me a mall. It’s peppermint.

Of course we have a pop. We also have a crap ton of awesome just mints menthols. We have some really good tobaccos too so if you don’t like all that fruity fruity stuff you can also go for just something kind of plain like that.

OK. So let’s say a customer comes in and they’re looking for a great deal on a bottle of juice.

So we actually have a fantastic selection of not really clearance shoes. I mean it’s fantastic juice it’s just juice that we’re looking to get rid of to bring an even better juice. So you’re going to be able to find something within your price range no matter what. More juice lines of course. Always there’s always more juice lines.

Awesome. That’s what we like to hear. So when you come in just to kind of recap this we have an excellent juice menu system. Our staff is very knowledgeable about our juice lines and what flavors are in there. That way when you walk through that door if you’ve never done it before in your life in your life I just need something anything anything at all will be able to get there for you and figure out exactly what you want. And also you can test the juices before you even buy them.

Absolutely. Yeah we have really great tanks for our testers too. So the majority of the time you’re going to be able to really taste what it’s supposed to taste like instead of those old like crappy tanks that you know people used to put the juices then we’ve been upgrading them.

Awesome. Now with the juices I mean we still have to charge you because of you know the government and the government right. The looming government the Big Brother but they do make a charge it’s a dollar nine per visit you can sample as many as you want so if you want to sit down pay your dollar nine. And test all 150 plus flavors you can do that.

And honestly it’s not even just per visit it’s per day so say you come in in the morning and then you end up having to rush away to go to work or whatever. You can come back later on a day. We already know your face. We know you paid. We’ll remember you. And you can keep test and use if you want to.

So Savannah say a customer walks through the door first. Never before in their life they’re an avid smoker.

What do we do. Well I mean that’s really easy. First we’re going to kind of dive into your life a little bit. Figure out you know how long you’ve been smoking how many packs a day say you smoke. And based on that we’re going to try and figure out what the best starter kit is for you and other a lot of factors that play into that. So I mean you know somebody like me really really clumsy I dropped my stuff all the time were going to want to find you something that maybe won’t break if you’re clumsy. We really just want to figure out what’s going to be the best starter kit for you and we’ve got you know all different price ranges you can get one as cheap as 25 bucks. We want to buy books. We even have that great deal online right now. That’s going to give you 65 percent off of a starter kit as well as a bottle of juice. So past that though I mean do we have anything that’s really for the more advanced vapors out there.

Oh boy do we. We have a huge selection of our higher end or higher wattage devices. Those are going to be anything. Usually about 75 watts and higher. So we’ve got one that goes up to 400 down with the software that is insane.

Three hundred down goes up to 400 who needs 400 watts. I probably would never use that personally but I know people who definitely would I would have you would.

So we’ve got those those are going to be really cool and then we also have tanks so you can pair those with any device that you want. We’re going to sit down with you. We asked you how are you looking for flavor or are you looking for vapor production. What are you looking to get out of your tank. We’ve got clothes. We even have ceramics.

So that way around the cold. Yeah absolutely. Those are supposed to last a really long time too and give you like the best flavor you could ever imagine. However if you want even better flavor than that we do also offer rebuild. So that means that you would actually build the coil yourself. We have the kits to build the coils. We also offer the wire the cotton anything you need for those edibles. We have a ton of really cool art that’s going to be the we will rebuild will hinks be able to offer the DA’s is going to be the just rebuild of all decks and then we also have like the Mac model the unregulated kind of stuff if you’re really wanting to put some great wattage and get some great flavor and production from it. That’s

awesome. We have a lot of cool products and now we get to talk about one of my favorite parts of our products and that’s going to be the high end is these are going to be the authentic the ones that you know maybe are limited brands these are going to be the ones like your dot mod’s. They’re going to be the Enable words as modus mod’s makes a great DNA to 50 chip.

Fun fact about DNA is too. They are actually 100 percent true to wattage whereas most aren’t. It’s really interesting to think that you may be running it at 200 watts but you’re probably only getting about 150 out of it. Most of the time not necessarily terrible but DNA’s are well known to be true to wattage.

Yes. And then we also have accessory so we’ve got your battery chargers your batteries. We’re also going to carry you know your build kit so that we have you start rebuilding. You do have the option of buying a full kit that’s got everything in it screwdrivers all that. And then we also got every what everybody else has the can in one right now are those fidget spinners are little ball bearings you spin them. They relieve stress. They really you know ATV Absolutely.

I’ve kind of wish I had my eye on me right now. Make this a lot easier.

So basically that’s the end of our movie first podcast. You guys what you didn’t see and behind the scenes is we spent over an hour just to record this little.

Absolutely. But it’s been a great time and really we cannot wait to come back in and do some more for you guys.

So this is Andrew Grimm Savannah Leider signing out for this podcast and we will catch you guys next time.

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