Hemp Bombs

Tinture Oil – Hemp Bombs is excited to add the CBD Oil to our product line. Available in 300, 600, 1000, 2000, and 4000mg in 30ml bottles, this super concentrate has the highest CBD dosage of any of our products. In production, we follow the same extraction process by sourcing from only the highest quality organic Industrial Hemp. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil is a product you can trust, with quality ingredients and a reliable manufacturing process. If you are a person who struggles with chronic pain, anxiety, or problems with your joints and muscles, this powerful CBD product may help get you on the road to recovery and lead to a better quality of life. Made with Hemp Oil, Grape Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Pure CBD with zero THC. 


Koi Naturals 

Tinture Oil – Designed as sublingual tinctures, Koi Naturals are most effective when held under the tongue for a few moments before swallowing. Once you try some for yourself, you’ll know why Koi Naturals is our most frequently recommended supplement line.

Each bottle of Koi Naturals from our farm in Colorado is infused with flavor and is the perfect daily supplement to keep you healthy and happy. Koi Naturals contain an array of helpful cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDV, CBG, which are blended together with our unique technique and made to complement each other and help you get the maximum amount of relief possible.

With 4 distinct flavors in 250mg, 500mg  or 1000mg; finding the right flavor and dose is made easy with Koi Naturals.

Nano Calm

Tinture Spray – NANOCALM uses phospholipids to encapsulate hemp extract into nanoparticles, which bypass the digestive processes that normally reduce and limit absorption. The phospholipid nanoparticles are smaller, more stable, and tightly distributed single-layer spheres. These nanoparticles are small enough to begin absorption as soon as they hit your mouth. The particle system is within the 30- 80 nm range, which is the same target range as pharmaceutical companies. NanoCalm is the only product clinically shown to increase bioavailability of phytocannabinoids in the blood by up to 5x so you feel the effects sooner and lasting longer. However, these offerings are not made alike.



Breath Strips  Curagenics cutting edge technology offers the most advanced delivery for improved bioavailability and maximum benefit. Our sublingual dissolvable breath strips give you the most efficient delivery method which allows for the highest potency. Helping with Pain management, Reduce anxiety, Insomnia, Anti-infammatory, Nausea, Workout recovery, and more. SIX times FASTER and 4-8 times MORE POTENT than pills, tablets and other ingestibles. Absorbed directly into bloodstream for fast-acting results. Our farms produce 100% organic hemp, certified to be, Pesticide-Free, Heavy Metal-Free, and Microbial-Free CBD.  Curagenics CBD is only sourced from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L).  Curagenics CBD Isolate consistently tests between 99.52% and 99.97% purity.







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